Lewiston Landscape Painting

The Lewiston, NY Landscape Painting

A hand painted watercolor by local artist, Michael LaDuca, capturing the character and heart
of historical Lewiston, NY.

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About the Landscape

A hand painted watercolor capturing the full character and heart of historical Lewiston NY.

The Lewiston Landscape was painted in 2006 by local artist Michael LaDuca.  It was painted by hand with water colors at the original size of 48" x 16" and took over 100 hours to produce.

The painting was intended to capture the full character of Historical Lewiston NY.  Following the coast of the lower Niagara River from the French Castle at Fort Niagara to the midst of the falls at Niagara, it captures over 50 recognizable landmarks along the way.

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42" x 13"

This 42" x 13" print is produced on fine watercolor paper for careful re-creation of original color, depth, and texture.  Each print comes numbered and signed by the artist. All prints are ready for framing with a 2" open border.

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Framed Print

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